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I’m Yvonne, a photographer born and based in Dublin. I have a degree in Communications, specializing in Photography, from DCU and a Masters in English and Drama from UCD.


Photography has always been my passion. I love how it can capture a moment, a feeling, a connection. For me, what I do is about telling stories and the humanity of moments, not just photographs.


I love to photograph people. I have a knack for putting my subjects at ease and getting beautiful, natural shots. Photographing families and special moments in their lives is something I truly adore. Weddings are so special. Having involvement in such a meaningful day is a genuine privilege and presenting beautiful wedding photos to couples is one of the most rewarding feelings I’ve ever experienced. I also love food so photographing (and eating too much of it) is an obvious one for me.


Aside from photography, I spend my time playing with my lively toddler, doing pranks on my family and friends and planning my next adventure!