The Importance of Aesthetics for Restaurant Marketing

July 23, 2018

Social Media has become an undeniable part of daily human activity and current ‘social discourse’. Casual conversations to the main news segment on flagship channels to scholarly papers written by academics – we are all talking about social media whether we like it and engage in it or not. Recent studies show that while scrolling or browsing online, our brain focuses on something for 5 to 6 seconds before moving onto something new*. Having effective images is absolutely crucial for your brand. With this new wave in social, there’s unprecedented competition for restaurants, cafés and bars to gain traction online, hopefully luring people towards their premises. Without an effective online presence, many people, especially young professional millennials with money in their pockets, will lose interest immediately. I mean – I’m surprised I’ve managed to keep your attention until the end of this paragraph!

Over the last few months I have been working with Póg, a busy city centre café. Póg has a large online following and relies heavily on social media for marketing. Without it, they claim their business would not be as profitable as it currently is. Situated on Bachelors Walk, just off O’Connell Bridge, they have a regular clientele of ‘9 to 5ers’ from around the area. They also attract tourists and often have eager café goers messaging them from Europe, Australia and the States asking where exactly they’re located so they can be sure to make a visit on their trip! Their mouthwatering feed of pictures on Instagram attracts people from far and wide.

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*Study by RomScore